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Clergy Advantage – 3D Infographic for Presentation

Final video

3D Infographic for Presentation/Meeting.

Cyntia from Clergy Advantage want a 3D animation video that will breakdown the company’s funnel of getting client, that also are eye catching and easy to understand

My Work Process:
First I gather inspiration and create mood board. Then I create a story animatic or Previsualization, after that I try blocking scene and Make some clay render to find out errors, then render in low quality to fix furthers issues. After all errors are fixed/changed then I render them at max quality.

Software Used

After effects for post processing,
Premiere pro for video editing.

Blender for rest of the work.

Still Images


Masum was super responsive. He took a rough concept in my mind and helped me flesh out a project better than I imagined. He exceeded my expectations and met or beat the timeline and deadlines. Very highly recommend!

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