Graphic Design Goldmine: Essential Resources

Graphic Design Resources
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1. Color: 🎨 – On this website you will find many types of color palettes and you can do many other things with filters with different tags.
@mr.pugo – Have you ever taken 2 out of 4 colors from a website but the design didn’t go with it? This profile can solve it. There are many different 2 color combination color palettes here. – Brings you the perfect color palette through A.I based on the colors you have previously selected. – Color gradients come to this website.
The color system – Here comes articles on color theory and more – Random colors and gradients – Natural Color Collection. – Various colors and their names. – Popular Brand Names. – Collection of gradients. – comes with color generator and many color tools. – UI Color Collection. – Create color palettes with mouse. – Egg Gradient Color. – Complete color palette using only 2 colors. – For creating colorful and cheerful websites.

2. Photo: 📸 – A fantastic website for stock photography. The website claims to have over 207,000 images. All photographers can download images for free that you can use for any project. – Another great site for free stock photography & video. – For those looking for old pictures. – website’s landing page for the picture. – Comes with cutouts of various objects or people to create small designs. – It have photo also inbuilt canvas editor – Collection of awesome 4K wallpapers – Free Stock Photography – Free Stock Photography – High Resolution Free Stock – Free CC0 photos and videos. – Free Background Images

3. Font: ⌨️ – For free font downloads.

Google Font – Google’s website for free font downloads. – For free font downloads. – For Google Font Pairing. – Get new free fonts. – You can easily make your handwriting into a font through this website. – Free Bangla Fonts – Free & Premium Bangla Fonts – Are you tired of downloading icons from flaticon or other icon sites? On this website, you can use icons through fonts. Details on their website. – Helps you choose fonts for your designs. – Tired of searching for fonts? So many fonts that it is impossible to find a good font. This software will keep your fonts aligned so that you can use the right font when needed.

Myfonts – to find fonts from images. – Presents your text in different fonts. – Experiment with different fonts and choose the desired combination. – For web developers and w/ux designers. – Font combination of Typekit and H&FJ – Create your own fonts with their web-based tools. – Convert fonts to your preferred format. – Convert your handwriting into fonts with this website. – Fonts categorized by emotion; But the fonts are small. – Create your own fonts with their web-based tools and sliders. – Get inspiration from this typography website. – This extension will tell you what fonts are used on any website. – If you see an image whose font you don’t know, even if you don’t know the name of the font, you can post it on this forum. If luck is good, you can get the name. – Find out what fonts are used in famous logos.

4. Free mockup: 📙 – Mocaps available for almost all print & web templates. – Mocap will be created if you drop the mobile UI image here. – Make a mockup of PC with Screenshot on this website. – Drop on JPG/PNG mockups to create your mockups. – Currently has 565 free mockups. – Free PSD mockups. – Various design resources and mockups. – Outstanding free mockups. – Use mockups online without Photoshop. – Create mockups through screenshots. – Popular mockup website.

After all this discussion we know it is too easy to get work; even you don't need to try. Can you imagine, if it was difficult to work in this sector then the situation would have worsened.

The Truth About Freelancing: Busting Common Misconceptions

What is Freelancing? Common misconceptions

Freelancing means free lunch 😂😂😅😅
Freelancing, freelancer refers to a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed long-term to a particular employer. In other words, to become a freelancer, you have to work online, not according to the above definition, but in different countries including Bangladesh, freelancer means a person who works online.
What exactly is freelancing? Is it free money? Or something that anyone can easily do? Let’s start with a fact:
If you go to a doctor for checkup but found out that his certificate was fake or went to a mechanic and found out that he doesn’t know how to work, now how much will you trust him to treat or give work? If I were you, I would stay ten miles away.

This time you apply the same logic to the freelancing sector; The rules of the online world are real, It is not mars or different planet where the money will double in 25 days or some crap.

Any client wants to hire the most skilled person for his project. So which one does he choose? 6 months apprentice or many years experienced worker?

Here you can say that, many people get work in 6-10 months, how do they get it? Don’t get me wrong, I can work hard and land a gig in 5-6 month or but you can’t earn 1 lac Taka or 1000 Dollar per month in such short time as many TV channels and training centers are promoting.

This is called False Advertising. Headlines such as “Women millionaire with baby in hand with laptop and internet connection” are often seen. How true is this news? You can get the real deal by asking any experienced freelancer.
These days there are some training centers that teach freelancing courses but can’t do it themselves. There are also some people who join these courses who are not taught any work and if they are taught anything, they are not freelancing by any means.
All these organizations give them a referral system, where they admit others and get money, hey they say this is freelancing, Happy Freelancing. Hey brother, open your eyes, they can’t see how they are deceiving you and your acquaintances.


Finally, some people will say that working in this sector is very easy, Ah yes!!! it is so easy that millions of people come every year but few survive.

After all this discussion we know it is too easy to get work; even you don't need to try. Can you imagine, if it was difficult to work in this sector then the situation would have worsened.

2D vs 3D Animation: Which is harder?

𝟑𝐃 animation vs 𝟐𝐃 animation

2D and 3D have some significant differences that distinguish them from animation. One isn’t necessarily more complicated than the other, it all depends on what you’re looking for as an animator.

What is 𝟑𝐃 design?
Before you start working on any animation, it is essential to know exactly what 3D design is and how it differs from other forms of visual art. The most basic way to define 3D design is to take an image and add a third dimension to it, using technology to create an optical illusion that makes something look three-dimensional.

There are different types of 3D designs, each aimed at a specific industry or direction of innovation. These include architectural design, product design, industrial design and medical simulation. You might not realize it, but almost every movie you’ve seen uses some form of 3D design.
In fact, many animated films are made with computer generated images! To work in these fields as a designer or animator (or both), you must have some level of knowledge about how these designs work, and luckily for all of us, there are plenty of ways to learn more about them.

What makes 𝟑𝐃 animation more difficult?

In 3D animation, many of the technical factors to consider do not apply to 2D animation. First and foremost, when you create a scene, you need to create all of your characters separately from any background or environment. For example, for walking you need a file for each limb: arms, legs, torso, and head.

Additionally, these elements are combined into what are called rigs, which give the character various gestures and movements. From here, it’s all about creating your characters with intricate details that bring them to life, which is where technical know-how like rigging and animation come into play.

What is 𝟐𝐃 animation?

The skill of creating movement in two-dimensional space is known as 2D animation.

2D is a popular and influential media. Television programs, video games, feature films, advertisements, mobile applications and websites feature it. The famous example of 2D is for Tom and Jerry. Snapchat and other social media platforms produce 2D animated programs with short episodes of 1-3 minutes. Even 2D platform video games like CUPHEAD have seen a recent surge in popularity.

“Everything online (commercial, entertainment) uses animation, even if you don’t recognize it,” explains Scott Claus, CG Spectrum’s 2D animation mentor. “The medium is changing rapidly. Television animation has exploded in popularity, and streaming providers are always looking for new material.”

What makes 𝟐𝐃 more easier?

While 2D may seem remotely easy to create, animation, in general, is much more complex. Although you don’t have to worry about modeling and texturing a character, it takes incredible skill and time to create high-quality 2D animation.
However, some elements give 2D an edge over 3D. Many people don’t consider pre-production work when comparing these mediums. 2D animation can be created much faster than 3D; Once a storyboard is approved by all parties, animators can begin creating their scenes immediately.
The same cannot be said for 3D; The models must be created before the animator can start working on them. This process can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on how detailed each model needs to be.

In the end, everyone comes to the goal. What you want to achieve reflects your decision to choose an animation medium. 2D or 3D.